The annual production of three commercial pig farms of the Bashkir Meat Company, LLC on the territory of Blagovarsky and Chishmy Districts of the Republic of Bashkortostan is 500 thousand heads or 77,2 thousand tons of meat in live weight per year .

The Bashkir Meat Company, LLC is ranked 15th among the TOP 20 largest pig producers in Russia in the end-of-year 2019 rating.

In 2017, Bashkir Meat Company, LLC attained the status of a Genetic Selection Center and a Danish Breeding Farm for breeding Yorkshire, Landrace, and Duroc.


Moreover, all the commercial pig farms have a biosecurity level - Compartment IV, since 2016 within the program in battle against ASF, additional posts of “washing” were built.


Fattening of hybrid pigs at The Bashkir Meat Company, LLC

Multiple pregnancy

16,8 alive piglets

Piglets for weaning

15,1 heads


1,35 kg

The weight of piglets before growing

6,3 kg ( if weaning at the age of 21 days) 7,5 kg (if weaning at the age of 28 days)

Output of sucking piglets( one sow per year)

35 heads

Average daily gain of weaners ( the growing period)

560 grams (28-70 from the birth)

Average daily gain of shoats during fattening

950-1000 grams

Feed conversion during fattening (25-100 kg)


The age of gaining 100 kg

154 days

Viability to slaughter