• Yorkshire

    You can recognize this pig by a short and muscular neck, broad and fat shoulders, big hands and pink skin with thin and bright hair. Its big and strong ears stick up upward, forward or in different directions. Yorkshire meat is of high quality and is called marbled meat.

  • Landrace

    It was bred in Denmark at the beginning of 20th century. Landraces have a narrow breast and an expanding lower body, a lengthened head, a straight back and shortened legs. The main feature is big and long ears, overhanging above eyes. Landrace is one of the best in the bacon category. The main characteristic of the breed is a high percentage of lean meat and a thin layer of fat in a carcass. Landraces prevail by 2-5% other breeds by the amount of meat and a thinner thickness of lard

  • Duroc

    Duroc is a cross between Guinea Hog and Berkshire pigs. It has a good meat output. Their main characteristic is the color, called “red suit”: the color differs from dark red to goldish. The breed has long ears, an arcuate back, strong legs and well-defined hands. Duroc is not very fertile – the number of piglets from one sow can be 9-11. Piglets are born quite big (1100-1600g) and they are able to gain 100kg for 170-180 days. Duroc is strong and adaptable. Boars gain 300-360 kg in live weight, sows – 240-300 kg. Fat layer is no more 3 centimeters and this is possible if a carcass has 80% of meat.